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Top 10 science fiction novelists of the '00s, so far

Top 10 science fiction novelists of the '00s so far. Charles Stross is definitely #1 on my list.

Self-Healing Plastic Skin

Self-Healing Plastic Skin. This should make for an interesting robot skin. I've wondered why they don't use a similar method with roads and highways in order to stem the never-ending construction and road work.

Far-Fetched Time Travel Concept Receives Private Funds

Far-Fetched Time Travel Concept Receives Private Funds.


Jake and Erin's Wedding Registry

Since Jake and Erin's Wedding is approaching (October 27, 2007), I thought it might be a good idea to link to their wedding registry. So here it is, Jake and Erin's Wedding Registry.

Cigarette Lighter LED Flashlight

Most people probably have a flashlight in their car. If you're like me, the batteries in the flashlight probably haven't been replaced in ages and are close to dying or dead. That's where this handy idea comes in: the LED Cigarette Lighter Flashlight. Plug it into your cigarette lighter and it charges and is ready to go. Much easier solution than trying to figure out where you had those spare AA's (if they existed in the first place).


Wheat Flour Licorice Recipe

I found an interesting page that says how to make your own wheat flour licorice one night when I was trying to determine how Red Vines came about.

LED Turn Signals

My passenger side turn signal keeps burning out, so I'm thinking it might be time for some LED Turn Signals. Now if only I could find some decent LED headlights...

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