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Robotics Update

Time for a Robotics Update:

Dosh Waterproof Wallet

The Dosh Waterproof Wallet is a polymer constructed wallet that is flexible, waterproof (obviously), and contains several handy pockets and compartments, including one for memory/sim cards.

Waboba Ball

The Waboba Ball is a ball that is designed to actually bounce on top of water, much like a tennis ball bounces on cement. There are some videos and it looks like a pretty cool product. They also make a towel that is supposed to be so absorbent, you can throw it in your bag while it's wet and it won't get any of your stuff wet.

Computer Learns Baby Talk in Any Language

Researchers have made a computer that can learn baby talk in any language, raising questions on how much of our brain is actually hardwired for language and how much is learned from the environment.

3D Box Shot Maker

If you develop software or some sort of web product, maybe this program would help: the 3D Box Shot Maker by BossEye. It allows you to make professional looking box art for your would-be software product or idea. It's free and for Windows.

Synfig 2D Animation Editor

Synfig is a 2D animation editor that can be used to make movies/videos or still frame animation. It allows you to reduce the amount of manual tweening you need to do in order to complete an animation, saving you time and reducing the number of people you need to create a movie. Looks fairly powerful with nice results. It's available for pretty much every operating system and is free, as well.


New Cavemen Show Available Online - Preair

If anyone was wondering about that Cavemen Show based on the commercials, you can download it already with bittorrent and see what you think.

62 Little Known Uses Of Vinegar

62 Little Known Uses Of Vinegar

How to make Naruto Kunai

For Jake: How to make Naruto Kunai

How to make Pumpkin juice

Since the new Harry Potter movie and book are out, I thought it'd be fun to learn How to make Pumpkin juice.

SeeqPod Music beta

SeeqPod Music beta is a nice ajax search engine for find music. Pretty cool concept.

DVC Learning Style Survey for College

DVC Learning Style Survey for College. What is your best learning style?

Lockheed's MULE Armored RC Robotic Vehicle

Lockheed's MULE Armored RC Robotic Vehicle. Looks like an interesting concept, although bigger than I expected. I also thought it was supposed to use legs, instead of wheels.

Artificial C-Leg

Robo Upgrades: Artificial C-Leg. Another limb replacement device, this time for legs.

Legos Salt and Pepper Shakers

Reuse your Legos! Salt n’ Pepper Shaker. Looks like a creative use of the popular building blocks.

i-Limb Hand

i-Limb Hand, Every Sci-Fi Movie Made Real. Gizmodo has a handy video on this robotic limb replacement.

Pimp up Google Reader with 15 Firefox hacks

Pimp up Google Reader with 15 Firefox hacks.

Amazon's Askville

Amazon has a new Question and Answer service, similar to Google Answers and Yahoo Answers: Askville.

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