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Useful Tutorials and Tools for Web Design

Over the process of redesigning AoG Design, I found a few helpful guides and tools that might be useful to others:

Photoshop Guides

Domain Tools


  • Icon Drawer - amazing icons which inspired me to make a few custom ones for AoG Design.

  • Expression Engine - a really cool PHP CMS that I might use in the future to redo all of my sites.

  • Redesigning the ExpressionEngine Site - an article written by the guy who designed the Code Igniter and Expression Engine sites, really interesting read

  • PageRank Guide

  • Mountain Dew Game Fuel - Surprisingly tasty Mountain Dew (I usually don't like the stuff) that helped me stay up till 7:30am working on the site the first night

  • Lorum Ipsum Generator - let's you create random filler text without typing "fjdkafjkfldja" over and over again. As a bonus, the text even looks cool

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