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WIRED NextFest 2007 Photo Slideshow

Here is a handy photo slideshow from the photos Amber and I have taken at WIRED NextFest 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. If you have any questions about anything, post it in the comments and I'll give a nice description of the photo and what the heck the things in it are. Some of the photos are crazy blurry...they had the oddest lighting in there, so it was a little hard to try to get a photo without blinding everything with the flash (next time I have to bring a real flash and a diffuser).

Created with flickrSLiDR.

The rest of the photos so far are in this Flickr Photoset.


Super Robot Gallery Bonanza

Engadget put together a huge gallery of the robots at NextFest. The most interesting of which just may be the Android clone of Zou Renti. I had to look at the comments to see which was what. Can you guess which is which?

NextFest: Electronics draw first blood over Human Menace

It would seem that the inventor of the Killacycle took his little baby out for a joy ride at NextFest when the throttle stuck and left him helplessly flying down the road on this electric dragster. The whole thing came to conclusion when he hit a minivan. The rider is doing quite well though he's been better and it seems as the Killacycle will make it out of the crash too. Check out the video, if you're into that sort of thing.
What have we learned? Don't get onto Electric dragsters that can go 0-60 in less than a second, especially if said dragster is named Killacycle.


Gearing up for NextFest

Well Rob's headed to NextFest this weekend and here are a few of the sweet action robots he'll be seeing including the totally awesome mech robot, which they claim is just to ride around on but could definatly be useful with a bulletproof cage and a minigun on it.


Possible Halo3 Copies Sold on eBay

Two possible copies of Halo 3 have surfaced on eBay, two weeks before it is due to be released. The auctions show images from the items inside the game box, leading to more credibility. One of the auctions was taken offline, but this one looks like the bidding ended with Buy It Now.

Before Halo 2 was released, a French retail copy was leaked onto the internet, now apparently it's Australia.

NextFest 2007

Amber and I will be attending WIRED's NextFest in Los Angeles, California this year, so stay tuned for coverage from the event. I'll be having Jake post photos and video as I have them

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