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Today is the Day

This post is meant as a congratulations to Jake Hench, for today is his wedding day. And if he did wear the Spiderman costume, we also mourn his tragic death.

Again, congrats Mr. & Mrs. Hench!


Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry Comedy

Long before the show "House", Hugh Laurie had a comedy show with Stephen Fry (he was in V for Vendetta as the host of the comedy show). Here are some song excerpts from that show, which was called "A Bit of Fry and Laurie". It's worth it just to see Dr House rapping.

For more comedy, check out QI. It's a British comedy/gameshow that features four panelists trying to answer nearly impossible questions. The point is to provide interesting answers, not necessarily correct ones. Obvious and incorrect answers cause the loss of points. Here's part 1 of the first episode.



I love the internet.

The RIAA shut down the private bittorrent tracker OiNK (popular for music that was hard to find, although sadly, I'd never heard of it), so the internet responded by posting the torrents on a public tracker, Piratebay and putting a "FOR-OiNK" epitaph on them.

Is it just me, or did the RIAA just make the files even more popular, easier for users to get, and harder for them to shut down? Oh, plus all the publicity generated by shutting down OiNK in the first place ftw (after all, I hadn't even heard of it till they decided to take it down).


If you're looking at flights and are curious about where the best seats are located on your plane, check out SeatGuru. They break it down by airline, plane type, etc. and list the best seats, poor seats, where power outlets are located, and more.

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