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DDR&E Wearable Power Supply Contest

I was finally able to sign up for the DDR&E Wearable Power Supply Contest. I was having trouble getting the page to load, turns out Comcast's DNS servers suck (they were also preventing me from accessing my timecard for Google). Anywho, the purpose of the contest is this:


Demonstrate a wearable electric power system prototype that:

* Operates continuously for 96 hours
* has a total weight of all components including energy source and attachments of 4 kg or less
* attaches to a garment (vest)
* provides 20W average electric power for 96 hours with peak operation up to 200W

Prize Purse (U. S. Dollars)

* 1st place - $1,000,000
* 2nd place - $500,000
* 3rd place - $250,000

If you're knowledgeable in chemistry, electronics, engineering, or anything you think is helpful and would like to join the team, please let me know. I'm currently still in the beginning phases, but the contest is in a year from today, so we need to begin testing shortly. Sponsors are allowed as well, if you want to go that route. I'm registered under AoG Design.

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