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Brain or Machine?

Interesting article on the world record holder for math, who solved the 13th root of a 200 digit number in less then 2 minutes. A rather scary quote from the article:

"Sometimes when I do multiplication my brain works so fast that I need to take medication.'

Mario Cake

ok, so there's been plenty of gaming themed cakes before, but this is the best one I've seen. The entire level of world 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Definitely gets my vote.

Chinese controlling the weather

An interesting look at how China plans to control the weather for the next Olympics to prevent rain. A few thoughts come to mind- If rain can be prevented for the sake of the Olympics, can't this branch of science also find ways to create rain in drought stricken areas that need it? And if this happens, what if we get into duels between people wishing to cause and prevent rain? Will the clouds just get confused and blow up? Armageddon?


Election 2008

I want a presidential election where I have a hard time deciding on who to vote for not because one candidate is less evil than the other, but because both candidates are actually the right person for the job.

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